DOWNLOAD Gambados Podcast: Chris Reeves

DOWNLOAD The Ineluctable Banality of Life by Chris Reeves

Over the past few decades, academia’s turned play into a real downer. It seems, with the exception of very few instances, academic discourse cut short the lifespan of the fun aspects of play. But then one comes across CHRIS REEVES‘ attitude on the potentialities of play and its academic configuration, and play is fun again! Reeves is a historian, independent curator, and artist; based for a long time in Cincinnati, he now operates out of Chicago. Reeves is dedicated to the potentialities of play in curatorial practices that emphasize shared attitudes and flexible outcomes, in artistic explorations of collage, and in popular jargon, materials and situations. A Fluxus scholar, he approaches the stable recognition of shapes and symbols in ordinary living with suspicion. Plus, Reeves’ personality and work are always uplifting.

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